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Academic Programs

Westdale Middle School is a premier public school that offers many programs to best meet the needs of each student. Diversity is pillar at Westdale Middle School. Our teachers and students come from all over the world. Stakeholders  work together to integrate our programs so that our diversity is maximized and all students receive the best possible instruction. Teachers are dedicated to providing students with enriching educational experiences to help them realize their full potential. Westdale is home to several outstanding academic programs including Gifted and Talented, Great Scholars, and an award-winning World Language Immersion Magnet Program.  In addition to the accelerated programs, Westdale Middle School offers a strong traditional program and special education class with individualized instruction. Westdale Middle School strives to provide every student with access to a challenging curriculum and productive middle school experience. To compliment our rigorous core classes, students at Westdale Middle School can choose from a large variety of electives.  Elective classes offered include French, Spanish, Mandarin, Yearbook, Advanced Art, Drama, Choir, Band, Strings, Aquaponics, Dance, Computer Science Survey, Coding, and Family & Consumer Sciences.
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