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Why Choose Gifted and Talented

The Gifted Program is an educational program for students identified as gifted in grades PreK–12 and enrolled in the East Baton Rouge Parish School System.


Tap into the wealth of services and knowledge available at Westdale Middle School Gifted/Talented Programs.  Students will reach their full potential by utilizing their special gifts and talents in a dynamic learning environment.

Students qualifying for the Gifted Program will excel in advanced courses designed to stimulate, motivate, and prepare them for the future. Classes provide a high degree of complexity and extend beyond the prescribed curriculum offered in regular classes. There is also opportunity to complete courses for high school credit in science, Algebra, computer science, and foreign languages.  Classes are taught by teachers certified in Gifted Education and have a reduced class size in order to individualize each student’s educational program.

Talented students will also benefit from the resources available at Westdale Middle.  An accelerated curriculum in arts education allows students to further develop their creative skills and grow as artists.  This program also provides for small class sizes and teachers certified by the State Department of Education to instruct talented students. Experience the difference that high expectations and effective resources can make in your child’s education. 

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Characteristics of a Gifted Student

  • Learns rapidly/easily

  • Reads extensively/has an advanced vocabulary

  • Retains a large quantity of information

  • Is curious and has a variety of interests

  • Works independently

  • Is alert and observant

  • Has a good sense of humor

  • Comprehends and recognizes relationships

  • Is a high academic achiever

  • Has self-motivation and is self-sufficient

  • Demonstrates task commitment

  • Is Self-teaching (might begin to teach self to read)

  • Exhibits a long attention span concerning personal interest

  • Thinks creatively

  • Likes difficult and/or challenging activities

Characteristics of a Talented Student

  • Demonstrates a high level of concentration for a sustained period/task commitment.

  • Critiques own work or performance; will participate in dialogue about strengths and weaknesses as an artist

  • Enjoys sharing ideas and skills with others

  • Demonstrates sensitivity and intuitiveness and responds emotionally to people, events and art forms

  • Pays particular attention to details

  • Participates eagerly in activates involving the discipline area/exhibits total absorption in artistic endeavors

  • Displays energy or impulsiveness and may become “turned off” if not given the time and freedom for self expression

The school level screening begins with a written request from a teacher or parent sent to the Gifted & Talented Site Coordinator. Parents must give their permission before the actual screening occurs. Parents should also be prepared to provide tangible evidence of a student’s work, such as programs from recitals or plays and/or a portfolio of art work.


Lauren Lejeune

Gifted/Talented Site Coordinator


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