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Sports Accomplishments

The Basketball teams did great this season, with the girl's team coming in at  3rd in the championship and the boys coming out at 5th. 

Congratulations to Liam Pittman who placed 17th place for the Boys 50 Yard Freestyle, with a time of 45.62. Other congratulations to Morgan Bagot and Galina Dubinin, for placing 7th and 14th place in the Girls 50-yard freestyle, with a time of 32.13 and 35.17. 

The Volleyball Team placed 2nd place after Northeast vs. Woodlawn against Mayfair.

nabers 3-5.PNG

Spanish immersion sixth grade students have been working researching the biography of Afro-Latino people featuring important and influential people of black and Latino origin. After making the their presentations, students worked together to create a mural.

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