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"The Key Comprehension Routine is a combination of comprehension, writing, and study strategies that helps students understand and learn content information.  The routine helps teachers provide effective comprehension instruction using existing subject-area material." 


Regardless of the subject area they teach, all middle school teachers should incorporate writing into their curriculum. In addition to helping them with their academics, middle school students can use writing to help maneuver through personal issues that they may be having.


Middle school students are standing at the precipice of their teenage years, stuck between childhood and adulthood. They are filled with new and different feelings on a daily basis, and writing can help them manage those feelings.


Mastering basic math skills in middle school is important because it helps students prepare for more difficult concepts in high school. Math is a series of building blocks, so a solid math foundation encourages continued academic growth. Middle school students cover math topics related to algebra, geometry and statistics, subjects more complex than elementary math.


Science education is focused on arming students with the skills they need to think critically. Science instruction focuses on asking questions and then using investigative methods to find the answers. Students gain hands-on experiences that help them to understand the world around them.

Social Studies

Middle school geography is much more than just finding places on a map. In fact, it is a broad subject that encompasses the study of the earth, its structure, and everything that lives on our planet.

Our kids are living in a period where people around the world are better connected than any time in history. That’s why it’s important for teens to study geography in order to better understand and appreciate the world they live in. Studying it  kids opportunities to learn and discuss the relationships of the people, places, and activities taking place on earth. It’s key to raising globally-minded kids.

Physical Education

Physical Education can encourage healthy and fun lifestyles in school as well as out of school. Kids also get stressed out from school work and P.E can help reduce stress and give them time to have fun and forget about it. They can also learn other valuable skills from this class such as teamwork and having good sportsmanship. 

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